California Attorney General Xavier Becerra (D) filed to join a lawsuit against Santa Cruz County which has banned deliveries by companies it has not licensed. It comes as a number of cities have sued the state for allowing delivery services to operate in areas where they are not licensed to do so.
LA Times

  • The cities suing California say state law unambiguously “[preserves] the right of local jurisdictions to regulate commercial cannabis activity at the local level.”
  • Becerra’s motion may be an attempt by to move the case from conservative Fresno to liberal Santa Cruz.
  • The large number of cities and counties which don’t allow licensed cannabis businesses — and therefore enable the illegal market — is a source of deep frustration among CA businesses.

Also in California:

An aide to LA City Councilman Jose Huizar has filed a claim against the city for $10M claiming Huizar retaliated after the aide told the feds he thought his boss was trying to extort money or bribes from cannabis companies. Huizar called the allegations “absolutely false,” and said the aide had tried to secure a cannabis license while advising on the issue, a potential ethics violation.
LA Times

California regulators sent hundreds of warning letters, to landlords of unlicensed pot businesses.