If you asked me at any point before legalization which Canadian city would become synonymous with cannabis, my last choice would have been Calgary, in historically conservative Alberta. (My educated guess would have been Halifax.) I couldn’t have been more wrong. As much as it pains me, a Montrealer, to admit this, Calgary is Canada’s cannabis town.
Trailer Park Boys

Quick Hits

  1. During the Canadian Cannabis Summit in Calgary, Lift & Co VP Strategy Nick Pateras predicted “dramatic oversupply in two to three years.”
    Calgary Herald
  2. Anishinabek Police Service said a REC retailer on Fort William First Nation, near Thunder Bay, would be breaking Ontario’s REC retail law if it opens as planned.
    Thunder Bay News Watch
  3. Vancouver law firms are eager to find cannabis clients.
    Business in Vancouver
  4. As is the case in neighbouring Saskatchewan, which I mentioned last week, Manitoba laws forbid cannabis smoking or vaping in public places, including provincial parks. That means no one going to the Winnipeg Folk Festival will be able to legally smoke cannabis.
    The Leaf
  5. So far, Quebec has only charged one person for growing cannabis at home. Finance minister Lionel Carmant said his government would close loopholes that prevent the laying of further charges.
    Global News, Journal de Montréal—In French
  6. Gatineau, Quebec residents near Hexo‘s enormous Masson–Angers production site complain of strong cannabis odours from the facility. Hexo told GrowthOp their greenhouses are on agricultural land and meet all regulatory requirements for odour reduction. GrowthOp