In the U.S., the best-known cannabis brand is Leafs by Snoop (presently being sued over its name by the Toronto Maple Leafs), followed in third place by Marley Natural. Celebrity endorsement is a powerful branding agent, but Health Canada regulations ban any cannabis product depicting a person, character, or animal, real or imagined. That means LPs must integrate celebrities into their companies by selling them shares.
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REC store chain Hobo Cannabis, owned by pub/restaurant megacorp Donnelly Group, tried to distinguish itself with a “we’re not for everyone” hiring campaign that sought to address continued complaints their name was offensive (“Our name was chosen with a sense of wanderlust […] shared by wayfarers who rode the newly developed railroads in the late nineteenth century”). Twitter mocked them.
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OCS user interface manager Omeed Asadi released May’s 12 most-searched-for brands on the OCS website.