In an interview with Business Insider, Aurora CEO Miguel Martin predicts the emergence of a “Monsanto of cannabis.” Monsanto, which was acquired by Bayer in 2018, attracted controversy for its sale of genetically altered seeds and selling pesticides to protect those crops.  

“The reference to the agriculture giant, which was acquired by Bayer in 2018, “means companies that want to dominate the emerging industry will need to create cannabis strains with specific genetic profiles that give users the desired taste, smell, and psychoactive effects — and be sure that the product can be replicated consistently across different markets.”

  • Analysts say these types of predictable products will command higher prices and demand.
  • However, we’ve been hearing about predictable products (not necessarily produced through genetic modification) for quite some time. And it’s not clear they’re anywhere close to market. 
  • Canadian player Aurora is the world’s second largest pot company by market cap.

Also in Business Insider, PornHub is reportedly in talks to be acquired by a group led by Canadian cannabis entrepreneur Chuck Rifici.