The Boston Globe dives into a bitter contest between three men to win the first retail license in Mattapan, a majority black neighborhood. While all three candidates are black, one has formed a partnership with Sea Hunter Therapeutics, (part of TILT Holdings), and there are questions about how much control he would cede to the multi-state operator.

While activists say can cannabis can create “generational” wealth in low income communities, the story raises the possibility that partnerships between minority entrepreneurs and multi-state operators will look more like tokenism.

While the exact terms of these partnerships are unclear, one young, black entrepreneur who has partnered with Seahunter on an Oregon shop compared himself to a “franchisee,” and described the agreement as fair.

  • While the Massachusetts law aims to support minority businesses, none of the 15 REC shops currently open in the state is minority owned.
  • I’ve written about sim for the Guardian and California Sunday.

On the west coast:

In L.A., the United Food and Commercial Workers union contributed to a report with recommendations for equity rules in the country’s largest market. See the report here.

L.A. also became the first city to sue an unlicensed dispensary. The move is seen as an effort to help licensed businesses compete against the grey market. ????For lots more see WW California.
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  1. The MED business is booming in Puerto Rico.