Between Canopy’s January decision to delay the rollout of its beverages and the rising challenge of COVID-19, cannabis beverages haven’t had much opportunity to find their footing in the REC market.
MarketWatch, Beverage Daily

  • The first beverage products didn’t begin arriving in Canadian stores until March. Canopy finally began releasing its beverages–mostly containing no more than 2mg THC, priced at $5.79 per can– in Quebec roughly three weeks ago. They’ve since arrived in Ontario as well. I saw my first discarded Tweed can in the street last weekend.
    CBC Manitoba, Newswire
  • Beverages themselves remain largely scarce as consumers hoard dry flower and vape products for the uncertain weeks ahead. Companies haven’t yet had much chance to determine how consumers feel about their offerings.
    Green Entrepreneur
  • A remaining obstacle is Health Canada’s bizarre equivalency ratios, under which consumers can only buy a limited number of cans (in BC it’s five) at a time, meaning they can’t buy more than 10mg worth of THC per personal beverage order.

Many companies are planning to bring beverages to market in the future–particularly CBD beverages, which many LPs are eager to sell.
Hemp Industry Daily