After being legal for more than two months, REC beverages finally began appearing in Ontario and Quebec.
CBC Manitoba, London Free Press, Journal de Montréal–In French

The same beverages for sale in Quebec cost 23% more in New Brunswick.
Twitter–Michael J Armstrong


In other 2.0 product news:

Toronto lifestyle brand ByMINISTRY is trying to edge into the specialty edibles market by offering infused-cooking classes.
The Star

  • Here in Montreal, draconian government regulations have banned any sweetened edibles, so startup Sugar-Marie hopes make-your-own edibles kits will meet demands for sweets.–In French, Strategy
  • Consumers keep opening LPs’ new REC chocolates to discover them melted, despite it still being the dead of winter in Canada.
    Twitter–Calyx + Trichomes

Ahead of this year’s growing season, new seeds should be available in BC stores soon. Last year seeds were in short supply.
Business of Cannabis

48North launched its Apothecanna line of topicals, which will include creams and oils for pain relief, skin care, “intimacy,” and other things. It will be sold through the REC system, since topicals (which have little REC application) aren’t sold through MED channels.
NewWire, Twitter–CBD Mason

Brand strategist Rachel Colic argued brands should focus on specific consumer sets rather than trying to aim for wide appeal.
Cannabis Marketer