REC beverages are rolling out at a glacial pace, likely in part to the difficulty of discerning consumer preference for a product that hasn’t existed very long. This week, a variety of new REC drinks arrived at the Ontario Cannabis Store and online chatter picked up as all 2,700 cans sold out in under 24 hours).
Cannabis Retailer, Twitter–@WhatsMyPot

In Other 2.0 Product News:

Quebec’s SQDC announced its first hashish was available. (It quickly sold out.)
Twitter–@SQDC, @AurelienBrnrd

Quick Hits

  1. After consulting with university students, Montreal cannabis-education portal VoxCann found they had specific concerns about cannabis—such as using REC consciously and not as a means of avoiding responsibilities. VoxCann’s report is here.
    Twitter–@VoxCann, Google Drive
  2. Young people in northern BC are consuming less cannabis than they were 15 years ago.
    CKPG Today