Anyone who’s followed the career of Berner recognizes that now is looking a lot like his moment. Earlier this month the San Francisco rapper/entrepreneur’s proposed Harvard Square dispensary got an unexpected go-ahead. This week his celebrity-laced album , Russ Bufilino: The Quiet Don, dropped. 

As an MC, he wasn’t a critic’s darling, but 19 years of Berner weed and rap demand that we take the man seriously.

  • Son of a restaurateur, Berner started out dealing and grew into a professional rapper on the back of his bud tending. In addition to co-owning Cookies and overseeing investments, he’s at work on a book about brand building.
  •  After losing more than $1M in uninsured product in Melrose Ave. looting in LA, the MC said, “I stand by the people. I’m sick of being scared, sick of people being profiled, people being killed for no reason, with no justice.”

Quick Hits

  1. On August 27, the crackdown kingpins of Chula Vista shut down the last of its 27 illegal dispensaries. Next, the San Diego County town approved 11 delivery and retail services. 
    NBC San Diego
  2. La historia de La Chingona is the story of three strong, cannabis-growing sisters from Guadalajara, Jalisco. They happen to spring from the mind of a 3/4ths white dude who’s marketing his brand. Is there a problem with that? 
    Los Angeles Times