The general manager of a chain of eight Trees unlicensed dispensaries in Victoria said the controversial BC Community Safety Unit held him personally responsible for the now-closed stores’ sales, and fined him $1.5M.
Inside the Jar, Vancouver Sun

  • Alex Robb was given 30 days to decide between accepting and paying 50% of the fine, or contesting it in a process overseen by the CSU’s director.
  • Robb, who said he was “actually an employee of the company” and “never sold the cannabis” predicted “this could essentially cause my financial ruin and follow me for the rest of my life.”

Quick Hits

  1. The Ontario Workplace Safety and Insurance Board rejected an application to cover MED for a patient who wished to stop taking opioids for pain, saying MED isn’t “necessary, appropriate, or sufficient health care treatment for most medical conditions.”
  2. Canadian Students for Sensible Drug Policy published position statements on youth incarceration for cannabis, criminal records for possession, and several other matters.