BC’s Community Security Unit has not retracted its fine of $1.5M for Alex Robb, former manager of Trees, a defunct BC dispensary chain. But public pressure forced the CSU to drop some kangaroo-court aspects of its case, including its refusal to tell Robb what the grounds for his case were until he decided whether or not to take a plea deal.
CTV News, Vancouver Sun

  • The CSU will now give Robb relevant evidence before he decides whether to accept the fine and pay half of it, or challenge it in a contestation process overseen by the director of the CSU that fined him.
  • Robb believes the CSU made an example out of him because he refused to close Trees while getting licensed, as he believed to do so would harm patient access.
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  • Industry members in Victoria planned to meet last night to discuss supporting Robb.
    BC Independent Cannabis Association

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