Lots of soul-searching in BC following the news BC consumers spend less on legal REC than any province outside PEI.
CTV News, The Star

  • BC’s Liquor Distribution Board acknowledged supply problems and delayed provincial and municipal approvals as hobbling that province’s legal REC rollout.
  • Unlicensed BC bud is as good as it’s ever been, while consumers have widely panned many legal REC products for poor quality at high prices. LPs may need to work harder to win over legacy buyers.
  • Alternately, the numbers might just mean BC needs a lot more stores.

REC retailers and growers accuse the BC government of making it too difficult to open legal REC businesses in the province. As in many places across Canada, growers in BC are also at odds with neighbouring residents who complain about cannabis odours.
CityNews, Penticton Western News

Wine, hard liquor, and coolers are setting sales records in the province.
CBC British Columbia

Quick Hits

  1. Another Canadian got banned from the US after attempting to enter while carrying CBD. US immigration lawyer Len Saunders warned there’d be more cases until the US legalizes cannabis or Canada warns travellers not to bring CBD across the border.
    CBC British Columbia

  2. Broken Coast suffered extensive damage to at least one of their drying rooms in a fire at their Cowichan Valley production facility last weekend.
    Cowichan Valley Citizen