Extreme temperatures and high winds, sometimes abetted by lightning strikes, continue to burn hundreds of thousands of acres, chewing through California’s brush land, canyon country and dense forest.

As intense as wildfire has been in the region surrounding San Francisco, burnings from Sierra Nevada to Southern California have been been profoundly destructive and, too, are resulting in untold cannabis product losses.
MJ Biz Daily

  • A Yolo County cultivator said 2,000 of his 12,000 plants suffered smoke damage. In Santa Cruz County, the venerable WAMM Phytotherapies has probably lost a farm, according to founder Valerie Corral, who evacuated on Tuesday night.
  • “There are a ton of farms that are located in the fire’s path. No one’s out of the woods yet. This is just starting,” said farmer Keala Peterson. On Wednesday Peterson’s Sweet Creek Farm lost 80% of its crop, which was uninsured.

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