Matt McGinn, talked to Business Insider about Spacestation the California white-label manufacturer of infused beverages. A co-founder of the company, McGinn argues drinks are the toughest cannabis subsector for operators:

“McGinn said that most bottling options on the market degrade cannabis potency, as the bottle eats into the beverage’s cannabinoid content. Glass is the only container that won’t eat the compounds. “If you see anything in plastic, it’s suspect,” he added — aluminum cans, meanwhile, can see degradation between 8% and 98%. 

“To find a solution, McGinn’s team worked with custom emulsions system Vertosa to create can liners to cut down on degradation at the manufacturing level.” 

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  • Spacestation holds a controlling share in Fly Beverage Co. which sells drinks by the 24 pack.
  • But McGinn’s worried about potency caps, which have been proposed in several states.
  • I previously spoke to Novel Beverage Co. which is doing something similar in Maine.
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  • Meanwhile, hot brand Cann, which Spacestation manufactures in California, released a line of non-infused beverages called Cann Unspiked.

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