In a development little noted in the cannabis world, earlier this month Apple opened its app store to pot delivery services. 
The Verge

  • In the past, the tech giant has wavered on its 420-friendliness.
  • Delivery apps will be able to operate as long as they are geo-restricted to a legal jurisdiction.
  • Google’s Android does not currently allow cannabis delivery apps. 

In an interview with WeedWeek, Chris Vaughn, CEO of California delivery service Emjay and before than founder and CEO of booze delivery app Saucey, described delivery as “probably the biggest opportunity in cannabis.” 

  • While no cannabis company is big enough to sway Apple, he suggested the company is picking up on prevailing trends such as legalization in New York and Amazon’s decision not to test employees.
  • Emjay had been preparing its Apple iOS app before the announcement and has now submitted it to the company for feedback. “We had a feeling this was coming,” he said.
  • Delivery apps have the potential to offer a smoother, more intuitive shopping experience than the mobile web.
  • “I think Google will follow quickly,” Vaughn said.