Bill C-93, which offers free record suspension but not expungement of cannabis possession convictions, passed through the House of Commons public safety committee, whose MPs attached 11 amendments. Canadian Lawyer, iPolitics

  • Liberal MP Julie Dabrusin introduced an amendment allowing even those who have not yet paid off fines from their cannabis convictions to apply for record suspensions.
  • Amendments advanced by NDP and Green Party members will guarantee cannabis pardons are not revoked if the person in question is later convicted of another possession offence under the Cannabis Act.
  • A Conservative amendment that held will guarantee those seeking pardons may receive them even if their records have been lost.
  • It remains uncertain whether the Liberal government will be able to pass C-93 before they retire for the summer—and the campaign for the October general election, after which polls suggest the Conservative party may win power. But the Bill might reach the Senate floor next week, and if so might be passed before the summer recess.

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  1. More than 150 professional athletes signed a petition calling on the World Anti-Doping Agency to end their prohibition on cannabis and THC in competitive sport, saying the substance does not meet the criteria of either enhancing performance, harming the health of athletes, or violating “the spirit of sport.” A number of Canadian NHL players are among the 150, notably retired Penguins enforcer Eric “The Hand of God” Godard, and former Habs enforcer George Laraque.
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