Moon Rocks: What they are and how to make them

By WeedWeek Jul 7, 2020

If you’re looking to get totally blasted into another plane of existence, then moon rocks are for you. But buyer and consumer beware: they are not for the faint-of-heart, or beginners who are still exploring the world of marijuana. Read on for ways to responsibly enjoy moon rocks, how to make them at home, and what to expect after you take a hit. 

What Are Moon Rocks?

Moon rocks are a trifecta of THC-heavy products all lumped into one extremely potent, nug. They combine dried cannabis, weed oil, and kief to make a truly other-worldly experience.

Moon rocks come in different shapes and sizes. They can appear as lightly-dusted cannabis flowers or products resembling chicken nuggets, balls of raw cookie dough, or Timbits (shout out to Canada!). The outward appearance depends on the thickness of the layer of kief. 

Much like your memory the day after a moon rock experience, the origin story of these confections is a bit hazy. However, rappers Kurupt and Dr. Zodiak are widely credited with popularizing the concept and specific products. The duo even released a mixtape to spread the word about cannabis caviar – one of their many nicknames.

What Are Moon Rocks Made Of?   

Moon rocks are made of three different weed products. At its core, a moon rock is a dried cannabis sativa bud, which naturally contains high levels of cannabinoids including THC, the psychoactive cannabinoid responsible for producing “highs”.

The bud is then dipped in or sprayed with cannabis oil, which is a THC extract, and finally rolled or dusted with kief, another THC extract. The latter is composed exclusively of the cannabinoid-producing resin glands of the cannabis sativa plant. 

Do Moon Rocks Get You High?   

Moon rocks will get you high enough to touch the celestial body of their namesake, metaphorically speaking, of course. Because they  contain exceptionally high amounts of concentrated THC, these nugs are designed to send you into orbit. This is why they’re often popular with folks suffering from chronic pain, and marijuana connoisseurs everywhere. 

How Strong Are Moon Rocks?

When Snoop Dogg himself finds something “too strong”, you can be sure you are dealing with an extremely potent product. Moon rocks are very strong, since they include two forms of extracted THC in addition to the already-potent flower of the cannabis plant.

Especially for those newer to weed, it’s best to proceed with caution so that you don’t go overboard. Knowing and respecting your limits are important when it comes to these nuggets.

How Long Does A Moon Rock High Last?

As with all marijuana smoking, the effects begin to kick in shortly after inhaling, with maximum effects coming on in around 30 minutes. Because of the potency of moon rocks, however, highs can last longer than normal, extending into many hours. Some users also report feeling effects into the next day.

Pros And Cons Of Smoking Moon Rocks   

There are some important considerations to keep in mind before smoking these supercharged THC products. Here are some of the pros and cons.


They will get you *extremely* high. Because of their concentrated oil and kief, you only need to smoke a little to feel a lot of effect. This makes moon rocks fairly cost-effective. And they’re oh-so-pretty to look at, and a fun thing to show off to your friends. 


They will get you *extremely* high. It’s best to get very familiar with your limits and tolerance before testing them with moon rocks. Also, they can be difficult to store. If you live in a warmer climate, be warned that they may melt, which makes them more difficult to consume. 

How Much Is A Piece Of Moon Rock Worth?   

A piece of the actual moon once went for $4.28 million at an auction. Fortunately, the cannabis version are much more affordable, typically coming in at around $30 per gram. This is still fairly pricey, which is why making moon rocks at home is a good option. Look below for a simple how-to guide. 

What Can You Do With Moon Rocks?   

Besides admiring their beauty and dreaming about how much they are likely to f*ck you up, smoking is the most common way to imbibe them. Using glassware, such as bongs or pipes, tends to be the preferred method. 

How To Smoke Moon Rocks   

The best way to smoke them is in a glass pipe or bong, sprinkling them atop a bed of flower. Because of the high oil content, they can get greasy very fast, making smoking them on their own next to impossible. 

The nuggets can be broken into weed joints as well, but again, having dried flower to help with combustion will make the smoking process go more smoothly. 

Can You Eat Moon Rocks?   

Moon rocks are strangely delicious-looking. With a powdery cinnamon-looking dusting and a cross-section that looks like a candied fig, it might be tempting to pop one into your mouth. However, not only would this not taste all that great, eating moon rocks is not the best use of this cannabis product. Consuming raw cannabis significantly inhibits the effects you will feel. 

It is possible to use moon rocks in edibles by breaking them down and using in various recipes, However, it’s better to use the components of moon rocks – especially the oil – separately in edibles. Moon rocks are intended for smoking. 

How To Make Moon Rocks At Home   

Making moon rocks on your own is fairly straightforward, and is a similar process to breading foods for frying. Here are the steps you’ll need to create your own caviar gold: 

  1. Gather your weed ingredients: 
    1. Grab one (or a few!) frosty buds that are in good physical condition.
    2. Purchase hash or other THC oil from a dispensary, or make your own at home.
    3. Spread out your kief on a plate. You can source this kief from the second or third chamber of your grinder, or use any of these methods for making your own.  
  2. Apply oil to the buds. Using a dropper rather than dipping the flower into oil will help you better control the amount of oil that gets into the bud and help you prevent oversaturation, since this can prolong drying. 
  3. Roll the oil-soaked buds into the kief. Use as much or as little as you want; for many, the goal is to make the bud completely unrecognizable with as thick a layer of kief as you can manage. 

Safety Tips   

Take it slow. The number one safety tip is: take it slow. Only do a little bit at a time, to ensure you don’t go overboard – which it is easy to do with these potent nuggets. When smoking, try to space out each toke by at least a few minutes, so that you can discern the effects before consuming more. 

Eat and drink. Staying hydrated is going to be necessary if you want any saliva to remain in your mouth. Moon rocks are a major cause of dry / cotton mouth, so having a bottle of water handy is definitely advisable. Also, don’t consume them on an empty stomach. Sometimes, nausea can accompany high-THC products, so eating a bit beforehand will help quell this unpleasant side-effect. However, you should also plan on having a serious case of the munchies, so it might be best not to fill up too much.

Clear your schedule. Don’t plan on getting anything productive done after your hit, besides sitting on your couch and eating. Close your laptop, hide your car keys and enjoy the ride from the safety of your living room.  


Moon rocks can be a fun way to amp up your THC experience. Being cost-effective and easy to make at home, they give you some of the highest highs you can experience. Experienced cannabis uses may want to learn more.