Statistics Canada data on legal REC sales between October 2018 and June 2019 found Alberta sold the most legal REC in the country: $123.6M (roughly $28.70 per capita).

  • Alberta was followed by Ontario, which sold $121.6M ($8.49 PC), and Quebec, which sold $119.2M ($14.21 PC).
  • As of Monday, Alberta has issued 277 REC retail licenses, allowing one store for every 15,550 residents (versus Ontario, which has one store per 596,666 residents). Analysts credit Alberta’s success to widely available retail.
    Global News, GrowthOp

Headset released new retail data on Alberta REC sales between March and May.

  • The data found flower represented 73.3% of legal sales, and pre-rolls captured 18%.
  • The most popular package size was 3.5 grams (65.9% of units sold), followed by one gram (31.5%) and seven gram (2.2%).
    Globe and Mail

Alberta-based REC retailers Alcanna (owner of Nova Cannabis) and Fire and Flower agreed the supply shortage is over, saying inventory levels are so high they’re going to keep opening stores until they hit the 15% cap on stores-per-single-owner (meaning 37 stores per company).
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  1. Saskatoon city council cut the licensing fee for a REC store from $10,000 to $85.
    Saskatoon Star Phoenix 

  2. Ottawa is giving Nunavut nearly $1M over five years to train police to catch stoned drivers.
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