Alberta Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis licensed another 20 REC stores this week, bringing their total to 176. At this rate they will hit 200 before the end of the month. Ontario may have as many as 75 starting three months from now.
Globe and Mail

  • Alberta has received $30M in its 75% share of federal cannabis excise taxes since legalization.
    Calgary Herald
  • The sum was $4M more than the government expected, which it said was ” due to higher than expected AGLC purchases of recreational cannabis from licensed producers.”

Quick Hits

  1. Tantalus Labs founder Dan Sutton pressed for provinces to rethink their REC retail approach, saying there is a straight correlation between the volume of cannabis consumers have purchased and their access to retail stores. “Canada has <300 stores. We need 5000+. It is going to be ugly quarter after ugly quarter for bellwether LPs until provinces materially ramp to meet demand,” Sutton said.

  2. The SQDC will open another seven new locations across Quebec, adding to five previously announced upcoming openings. That will bring the number of SQDC stores from the present 16 to 28. The Crown corporation plans to have 40 stores by March.
    CBC Montreal

  3. Vancouver REC retailers Muse Cannabis complained about provincial laws requiring them to have fogged windows, arguing they’ve put time and effort into “the detail and the aesthetic.” They’d also like to be allowed to advertise.