Blackshire Capital executive VP Jean Lépine assessed the Ontario Cannabis Store as overrun with logistical problems and failing to generate as much tax revenue as it could.
The Growth Op

  • He noted Ontario continued to complain of a supply shortage when supplies were becoming available.
  • The Ontario Cannabis Store, he argued, carries too many products consumers don’t want, while when LPs short the OCS on inventory, they’re protected by no-penalty contracts.
  • He counseled abandoning lotteries in favour of pre-qualification for new licenses.
  • Abstractly, Lépine called for Ontario to work with new applicants to imagine “what’s possible rather than what currently is” at a daylong summit attended by provincial and Health Canada reps, and Deloitte.

Quick Hit

  1. Shoppers Drug Mart signed a deal with TruTrace Technologies to develop a pilot program tracking cannabis from seed to sale and measuring quality, all with blockchain. Some, however, question the ability to track a product as variable as cannabis.
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