After promising and failing to make a statement last Thursday about its decision to raid a home and apartment in order to seize three plants spotted by an off-duty RCMP officer on a neighbourhood garden tour, the Revelstoke, BC detachment of the RCMP refused to comment further on the case.
Revelstoke Mountaineer

  • In a statement refusing to answer questions about the case, an RCMP representative said only, “This particular case serves as an excellent reminder to those members of the public who choose to cultivate, possess or consume cannabis to be mindful of the full legislation enacted in October 2018.”
  • According to the search warrant, after spotting three plants in the garden of couple Anna Minten and Emmanuel Levesque Dupere, Constable Faron Ling returned to the scene to “[photograph] the property from a distance with a telephoto lens, while concealed by a forest across the street from the residence.”
    Revelstoke Mountaineer
  • Both Anna Minten and BC Lawyer Paul Doroshenko expressed surprise police didn’t simply knock on Minten and Dupere’s door to ask about the plants before raiding the property.
  • Doroshenko predicted this case will eventually lead to a court decision clarifying BC’s law about cannabis plants within “public view.”

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