You could call it an open secret that, as John Schroyer reports, the small-scale “Emerald Triangle farmers arguably most responsible for that reputation [of excellent goods] are largely getting left out when it comes to credit for the quality of the state’s marijuana crop.”

It’s possible that too many people already know about these farmers’ plights to classify it as a secret at all. Open indifference might be more apt.
MJ Biz Daily 

  • Some of the ways that Golden State small craft growers—the farmers who instructed America—are getting the business end of the bat: Distributors—mandatory though not necessarily necessary—throw their own company names on product grown by these farmers; the independent grower must navigate a maze of regulations; and craft farmers face extreme financial barriers as the tens or hundreds of thousands it costs to set up and manage their products is beyond their margins, for starters.
  • This is the first of a two-part series. 

Quick Hit

  1. Sacramento Superior Court Judge Ernest Sawtelle said a cop who claimed he smelled a volume of weed above the legal limit “just doesn’t know what he’s talking about” before throwing out the case
    Davis Vanguard