With just about two months to go and 2020 doing everything possible to exhaust the concept of resting comfortably, it might be foolhardy to predict what will happen next year.

Yet, here we are.
California Industry Journal

  • The Senate will probably vote to let the cannabiz use traditional banking and financing. (Welcome to the party, D.C.)
  • The newest round of cities and counties opening up to weed will create an outlet for licensed flower. (Ed: Let’s be real: Unlicensed, too.) However, a “second wave” of retail competitors will be out there, making bad, over-optimistic decisions other operators will have to contend with. 
  • Quarantine will Keep America Smoking, Again, and all manner of cannabis consumption is set to rise.

Quick Hit

  1. The election will undoubtedly impact cannabis marketing, but when will the windfall be felt?
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