Top-tier Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) released his REC legalization plan: The self-proclaimed socialist said he would legalize via executive order within his first hundred days in office.

Sanders would urge state and federal authorities to expunge old cannabis convictions, and use REC taxes to support entrepreneurs from historically disadvantaged groups.

  • Sanders also wants to take steps to prevent the industry from becoming predatory: He would incentivize cannabis companies to structure themselves as non-profits, set market share caps and block certain industries, such as tobacco, from going into marijuana.

Surging candidate Pete Buttigieg toured a Las Vegas dispensary.
Las Vegas Sun

  • Currently the mayor of South Bend Indiana, Buttigieg said he wants REC to be legalized through Congress, rather than by executive action, to ensure the law has staying power.
  • He’s open to insurance covering MED in certain cases.
  • Buttigieg acknowledges having tried cannabis, but didn’t buy anything.

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