In 2019, Canadians bought 88,876 kg of legal dried flower, spending a total $1.01B in the first full year of legalization. (Here’s a helpful graph from the Cannalysts showing sales per province per month.) Sales by weight have nearly tripled since legalization.
Bloomberg, Twitter—David George-Cosh, Cannalysts

After a year of losses that left pot stocks at their lowest levels in more than two years, the New York Times noted, “No one wants to invest in [cannabis] now.”
New York Times

Cannabis stocks ended the year with among the most expensive borrowing fees for short selling. Short sellers have gained USD$993M to date in 2019.

Lift & Co laid off 13 workers from its Toronto office.

To Russia’s delight, Canada remains out of compliance with a number of international drug treaties to which it’s a signatory.
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