Beginning Monday, the first 2.0 products hit stores in Ontario, Canada’s largest provincial REC market boasting 39% of the country’s population. More products will arrive in stores over the next months (and years).
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Edibles received the bulk of media attention, including the usual caution to wait a couple of hours to see if that edible’s working before you eat any more. Though edibles will be capped at 10mg per package, that’s plenty for a beginner. For an impatient beginner, a second 10mg would be an awful lot more.
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A variety of vape pens constituted the majority of products debuting in Ontario.

Aphria issued the first 2.0 recall, due to leaking cartridges in its Good Supply and Solei–branded vape pens.
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  • This means the regulated market is going through the same hurdles the illicit market did years ago, one longtime grower noted.
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