With 2.0 legalization just over two weeks away, companies have begun their PR rollouts and Canadians are getting their first clear look at the new products coming to market December 16.
Policy Options, Vice, Toronto Sun

Canopy Growth received a license for its beverage facility and began producing 11 different drinks, which it launched (along with three infused chocolates and vape products) in a preview of its line of 2.0 products.
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  • Most agree that in order for cannabeverages to succeed they’ll need to be in physical stores, though at last weekend’s Ottawa Cannabis and Hemp Expo, Indiva VP Jamie Riff went further in arguing he didn’t expect beverages could take off before consumption-sites are legalized.

Health Canada has received 50 applications from LPs wishing to sell a total of 747 cartridge-based vape systems, a sign that VAPI concerns haven’t dampened industry hopes that vape pens will capture as much of the Canadian market as they have in US.

Ahead of 2.0, REC retailers tried their luck at launching “Black Friday” promotions with discounted rates, but they’re not allowed to advertise such sales so consumers may not know they’re happening.