Cannabis packaging remains a source of complaint across the country. For REC retailers and their customers, Health Canada’s demand that consumers buy cannabis without being able to open, see, or smell it provides one more barrier to adopting legal REC.

  • On Reddit, Toronto REC users compared the amount of packaging left after one ounce of legal cannabis versus the child-proof, odor-sealed minimal packaging employed by illicit dispensary CAFE.

Quick Hits

  1. Andrea Dobbs, co-founder of Vancouver dispensary turned legal REC retailer Village Bloomery, called on LPs to find ways to differentiate more clearly between product packaging—such as using one colour but multiple textures, or different shades of the same colour.

  2. Newfoundland independent REC retailer Thomas H. Clarke—whose store THC Distribution made the first legal cannabis in Canada last fall—says that he’s forced to buy cannabis from the provincial government at 8% less than he sells it for—and that’s before excise taxes. Finance minister Tom Osborne said REC retailers knew how tight the margin would be when they were licensed, but the government is ” more than willing to discuss what possibilities are there to make their operations more profitable.”
    CBC Newfoundland